Non capita tutti i gironi di vedere un pilota di F1 nella famosa rivista americana Time Magazine.

L”ultimo a memoria era stato Schumacher, prima di lui, Senna (purtroppo per la sua morte), Clark e Gilles Villeneuve con la famosissima copertina che tutti ricordano.

Lewis è finito nella top 100 dei personaggi   (icon in inglese) più influenti al mondo e su di lui (come tradizione il personaggio viene descritto da un altro grande dello stesso campo) ha scritto Piedone Mario Andretti.

Complimenti a Lewis che finalmente da lustro alla parola di campione del mondo F1 anche fuori da tracciati del mondiale!


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Lewis Hamilton

By Mario Andretti

Racing’s omnivorous champion

You could tell Lewis Hamilton was special from the very start of his Formula One career. Here was someone who was given, at the age of 22, one of the best cars anyone could ever have, and a year later he had won his first world championship.

Today he is at the highest echelon of the sport. If he were to retire tomorrow, he would still be among the very best champions who have ever lived. And I think he’s just getting started. The sky is the limit for him.

What makes Lewis different is his attitude. He exudes confidence, but he is serene. I would have loved to race against him, because it would have been a great challenge. It doesn’t seem like anything can rattle him, and that really plays on your mind as a competitor.

The most fascinating thing about Lewis is his life outside the sport. He’s curious: he has spent a lot of time learning about different cultures, and his own background has helped broaden our sport’s appeal. Me, I raced on six continents, and I can describe a lot of airports. But one day Lewis is at a fashion show in China, and the next he’s cuddling with tigers in Mexico. I’m not sure I could have done all that and kept focused. But he does, and he is.

Andretti won 111 races over five decades, including the Formula One world championship



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